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Get 'Em Slandered

Posted by THE DUKE on August 11, 2012 at 10:20 PM Comments comments (513)

Slander- Get ‘Em Slandered

2012 Self-released

Entries in the journal have been quite sparse as of late. Sometimes, I just need to come across something that inspires me to write. Well, an impetus came by way of a brand new covers EP by NWOBHM stalwart Slander. There have been some changes in Slander camp as of late. Original guitarist Andy Saxon-Lamb and drummer Andy Edwards are now joined by newcomers Pete Hewitt on bass and new vocalist Simon Staples to give the band a proverbial shot in the arm. The band plans to release a follow up to their legendary “Careless Talk Costs Lives” demo compilation. However, their second release will occur in the near future. Until then, the band has prepared an appetizer to satiate fans until their second release will be unveiled to the masses.

This appetizer that Slander serves is like the best plate of hot wings found in a Buffalo bar. The cover tracks are very tasty renditions of classic songs by bands from all over the globe.  But enough of the cheesy food references, let's get down to business.  The first thing that struck me about this release was the variety of bands covered in a mini album. The album samples music by legendary bands from the United Kingdom, the United States, and Germany. The bands covered on the EP include Diamond Head, Judas Priest, and Maiden, while others sampled include Kiss, Anthrax, and Scorpions. Slander puts their own stamp on these classics. There is an energy present in each cover tune that in many cases exceeds the original recordings of these same songs.

I’m going stray from what I regularly do in the journal by commenting on each of the six tracks contained on this EP. The first song that I heard was a cover of Diamond Head’s “Am I Evil?” I appreciate Slander’s treatment of this song. They stay true to the original version by keeping the introduction and guitar solo intact. It was almost as though this song was recorded live, and Slander didn’t use an intro. tape like Diamond Head had done for years when playing it live. Also, the Slander version is heavier than the original. It is much more similar to the Metallica cover of the same song. It is long, epic, and very well executed.

The second song that I’m discussing is Judas Priest’s “Diamonds and Rust.” At first, I was a little skeptical about covering this song, mostly because I have no appreciation for Joan Baez’s music.  I love the "Sin After Sin" album, but it has always been hard for me to listen to the Priest version due to a distaste for Baez. However, after a slow build up, the track picks up the pace and gallops nicely. Next up is Kiss’ “Detroit Rock City.” It is a nice addition to this covers disc. I grew up listening to Kiss on 8-track tape, and I found the Slander version particularly satisfying for this reason. The band’s cover of Scorpions’ “The Zoo” is a nice choice.  Simon Staples’ voice suits Klaus Meine very well.  The cover version also has a stomp to it that was only hinted at on the original version. Some of it may be due to a different production, but it seems that Slander has deliberately tried to augment the stomp that accompanies the song’s central riff.

Finally, I saved my favorite two cover versions to discuss last. Slander’s versions of Iron Maiden’s “Hallowed Be Thy Name,” and Anthrax’s “Madhouse” really stand out. If there were any doubts about Simon Staple’s range, they are squelched when listening to “Hallowed Be Thy Name.” When I first recognized what song was being covered (it only took about 5 seconds), I waited to see how Staples would handle carrying the note when singing “Running Low.” I was very impressed at his ability to sustain his voice on that part of the song. Staple’s voice is a little more nasal that Dickinson’s, but no less powerful. The Anthrax cover I loved probably more than any of the others. I think it is mostly because it is a less obvious choice for a band so heavily steeped in the NWOBHM. The energy on it is also just so infectious. On this song, I think Slander went outside the box, which really makes for a satisfying listening experience.  There is one last thing that I think needs to be mentioned.  This goes outside the music and pertains to the cover art.  The cover art on this disc truly stands out.  It depicts the man running on the cover of the "Careless Talk" album, but in a different scenario.  This time the same gentleman is perched atop the Empire State building warding off airplanes in an obvious homage to King Kong.  I love it, and think it suits the tunes contained therein very well.  This man with the t-shirt and jean jacket has become Slander's mascot of sorts similar to Iron Maiden's Eddie.  I applaud both this concept and its execution.  The end results are outstanding.

I think most people know from reading previous entries in my journal that my love for this band goes beyond that of the casual fan. I consider myself an avid supporter of the cause. For a long time now, Slander has been toiling away in near obscurity. They are well know as a cult band to those metal people who are “in the know ,“ but deserve much more than that. I think that the Stormspell release reminded the metal community as to just how good this band was, and with the second disc of newly recorded tracks, still is. This EP builds on that momentum, and serves as an affective introduction to the second album, which is currently being worked on. Until it is released, do yourself a favor and purchase this killer covers disc at It was pressed in very limited quantities, and probably will not be in circulation long.  Join the cause, and show your support. 

Zyphoyd (Three Days of War Demo, 2011)

Posted by Kibitzer on July 16, 2012 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (0)


(Three Days of War Demo, 2011)


             Hey there Metal Warriors! Hail and Kill! I was doing some promo work for on Facebook when all of a sudden, I got an email from one particular individual by the name of Kieran Larkey (Guitars, vocals and song writer). He asked me to check out his band when I had the chance and so I did. From the land down under, Melbourne, Australia, I want to give a shout out to Zyphoyd!! From what I read, Zyphoyd started out as an instrumental band around 2005. They produced a 5 song demo in 2008 called, “Prelude to The Storm”, written and composed by Kieran Larkey with Glen Sambrook on 2nd guitars and drums. The band’s music definitely caught my attention with a few nods to the thrash metal genre along with some Progressive and Neo Classical elements. While they are currently fine tuning their chops, I can tell you that Zyphoyd has a lot of promise here!


                Truthfully, it took a while for the vocals to grow on me, but with two or three more passes on the ReverbNation Player, I started to like it. The “Three Days of War” Demo has a decent production. The three song layout and break down of the songs are good. The lead guitar solos impress me too. Not too flashy but they fit very well within the songs too. This also brings me to my point that not too many new bands today use lead solos these days like the older bands did back in the day. The solos on “Three Days of War” are solid and flow with ease and I like that kind of playing. I especially like the dual lead guitar work on “The Five Elements”. Always great to hear that somebody is keeping that lost art alive too! I do have to say that the kick drums could use some work. I feel as if it was struggling to stay within the mix here. The vocals are good and they’re almost there, but Kieran just needs to watch his pitch just a little. Other than that, with a couple more tweaks, I think they’re on their way to a very promising future! I definitely want to hear more from these guys! I give this demo 3.25 out of 5 stars. Good work guys and cheers! Check these guys out and give them a spin! This is The Kibitzer signing off and until next time…… RAGE!!!

Track Listing

1. Three Days of War

2. Relentless Tyranny

3. The Five Elements


@XKIBITZERX on Twitter

Deathmask's Rabid Return

Posted by THE DUKE on May 31, 2012 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (1)

Deathmask-Sitting In The Dark

2011 Self-Released

It had been 25 years since Deathmask unleashed the speed metal classic “Split The Atom” upon an unsuspecting metal community. Poor promotion and general apathy on the part of the band’s label, Killerwatt Records, led to the album going virtually unnoticed (See Previous Journal Entry). Deathmask reformed to rekindle the fire that was ignited with “Split The Atom.” Through long-distance relationships and a very old-school approach of passing cassette tapes back-and-forth through the mail, a new album was born called “Sitting In The Dark.” It was self-financed and released by the band in 2011.

The thing that immediately catches your eye when looking at the CD is the album cover. It has a picture of someone either suffering, screaming, or both while wearing a straight-jacket in a very dark room. Indeed this is not another cliché ridden, sword and sorcery based, fantasy album cover. The Deathmask logo has also been redone for the new millennium. The initial impression that one might get when looking at the album cover might be that the band is a nu-metal band, but don’t let the cover fool you. The album is a tour-de-force of medieval riffery with more than its share of nods to the old-school, particularly Sabbath, Priest or even classic thrash. The album starts off with an air raid siren and the song “Time Of The Signs,” which is straight-ahead and speedy with razor-sharp riffing. The topic of this song seems more pertinent in today’s world, a world obsessed with the Y2K bug, the Mayan calendar, or any prophetic predictions of the apocalypse. Immediately, anyone familiar with the band’s ’86 debut would also notice a change in Steve Michael’s vocal approach. Michaels seems no longer preoccupied with trying to hit those high pitched screams, but has settled into a sullen and raspy tone without taking anything away from his aggressive delivery. The next song, “It’s In You” has an infectious riff, one that will bury itself in your head and refuse to leave. The song is also hypnotizing in the fact that the lyrics are repeated almost as a mantra throughout the song. There is a musical Anaphora prevalent where words are repeated to provide emphasis. It then builds to a ripping and memorable guitar solo. The song “Sitting In The Dark” has a sharp and chugging riff, and parts in the break-down lend credence to the fact that guitarist, Benny Ransom has an obvious love for all things Sabbath. The song “More” again uses the repetition of words for emphasis, and discusses the topic of excess. “Contrary Mary” chronicles a tale of a co-dependent relationship. All of these tales are told within the confines of a classic metal delivery with a slight update in sound to stay relevant within a modern musical landscape. “Driving Blind” is an unreleased older song that has been resurrected for inclusion on the disc. This song is clearly the closest, in pacing and approach, to the classic sound of “Split The Atom.” The song "Real Pain" is a doom-laden track that is complete Sabbath worship.  This is extended when a cover of Sabbath’s “Symptom Of The Universe” is added later in the album for good measure. The CD then finishes with the recording of an older track “Season Of Hatred.” This track was written by Michaels in a late 80s version of Savage Choir. The band returned to the Savage Choir moniker, and the song was to be included on an album that was never released. The song now springs forth as an aggressive beast to close out this disc.

All in all this is a solid comeback album by an obviously hungry group of metal veterans. It hits hard, is extremely catchy, and at times mesmerizes the listener. There are infectious grooves (Mike Muir or Suicidal reference not intended) contained herein. It’s actually a shame that some major label didn’t move in to give this release a home. With the current state of the economy, I guess there just aren’t that many labels looking to release quality metal. However, factory pressed discs of this release are being sold by CD Baby ( So go to the website now, and do yourself a favor by ordering a copy of this modern classic. Also, be prepared as the band are gearing up for some live shows in 2012/2013.  If you're not careful, you may catch them ripping up your town.

It's Once Again Time To Split The Atom

Posted by THE DUKE on May 31, 2012 at 7:05 PM Comments comments (22)

Deathmask-Split The Atom

1986 Killerwatt Records

It’s been awhile since I’ve last made an entry in the metal journal. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in life’s daily routines, and not realize that so much time has passed. But nevertheless, I’m back with another entry in the journal. This time, the topic is a classic, speed metal band from New Jersey called Deathmask.

The band started out in the 70s under the moniker, Savage Choir. They had a few demo recordings, but it wasn’t until the band found a singer named Steve Michaels in the 80s, that things really started to take off for the band. The band was signed to a UK label called Killerwatt Records to release their debut album entitled, “Split The Atom.” The label then decided to alter the album’s artwork and change the band’s name to Deathmask. This is an abridged version of the band history. For a more complete version, check out the band’s bio via their Official Webpage (

Now let’s get down to business on a review of the album itself. The album is speedy, the riffs are mean, and the vocals, savage. Deathmask has been compared to Exciter in many metal circles, but I don’t see this comparison as something that the band itself was aiming for when recording the album. There is a natural tendency to group all bands that play fast and straight-ahead, and whose singers produce aggressive vocals into the Exciter camp. In the end, I think that the aforementioned are the only similarities. Deathmask have honed their craft playing music that at times reaches blistering speed without attaining a thrash tag. The guitar solos are tasty and more intricate than someone would normally find in this type of genre. This is basically what speed metal sounds like when the technicians use Priest and Sabbath as blueprints to forge their steel. Vocalist Steve Michaels has a voice that can hit the high notes, but it is when he settles into a more raspy approach to his singing that something special is added to the delivery.

I’m just going to touch on a few tracks from the album that seem to highlight the quality that this album possesses. When the listener spins this piece of plastic (vinyl or CD), he or she is immediately hit in the face with the blistering attack of the opener, “Split The Atom.” It’s like walking out of an air-conditioned house and being hit in the face by 98 degree heat. The song is straight-ahead and aggressive with raspy, high-pitched screams. This song then gives way to “I’m Dangerous,” a track that was included on a classic B horror film in the 80s called “Zombie Nightmare.” This song may actually be one of the catchiest and most memorable tracks on the whole album. It is on this track that the piercing, raspy vocals are used to the fullest extent and to the greatest effect. The song centers on a reckless individual who is hell bent on killing someone. The predator is looking to randomly choose someone to pay the ultimate price for being unlucky enough to cross his path. The songs “Hellrider” and “Death Has No Boundaries” are other highlights on the record. Both are highly aggressive tracks that the band seems to rip through with conviction and purpose. My personal favorite on the disc is the song “Walk Alone.” The song has a slow build up into an absolutely killer, mid-paced riff. I really love it when this band slowed things down to a mid-tempo. It is at this point that the power and the crunch just seem to come to the forefront.

I can honestly say that the only down side to this release was that the album had to end. I really wish that I had been afforded the pleasure to hear this album when it was initially released in 1986. The production is pretty nice for an 80s release, and has a nice bass-driven punch to it. It is quite a shame that Killerwatt Records did not adequately support this release. This album was only available as a high-priced import and in limited quantities. Who knows how well this would have done if it had been given wings. Instead, the label seemed to have clipped what wings it had. Well anyway, what’s done is done, but through a revisionist approach, this album can now be appreciated for what it is, which is a classic, speed and power metal gem. The album was remastered and released on CD by Retrospect Records including bonus demo tracks. For a very reasonable price, you can own this CD in all its 80s metal glory. Just check it out at this link: So what are you waiting for, click on the link and order it now. Oh…by the way, the band has reformed, and are back in search of plunder in 2011/2012. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming journal entry on the band’s self-released 2011 comeback album, “Sitting In The Dark.”

Operatika: The Calling (2009)

Posted by Kibitzer on May 18, 2012 at 2:45 PM Comments comments (0)


Operatika: The Calling

(2009, Scarlet Records)

   Hail Metal Warriors! It’s been a while since I’ve written a review here but THE KIBITZER is back once again to bring you a little something new and a little something different. If you haven’t heard of them already then allow me to introduce to you Operatika and their CD, “The Calling”.

   I’m a big fan of the symphonic/progressive Metal genre and I’m really glad that I discovered these guys and gals! The lineup for this 2009 opus is Bill Visser – Guitars, Slava Popova – Vocals, Anna Dok – Keyboards Yuri Liakhovitch – Drums and Michael LePond (Symphony X) – Bass. Let me tell you, this CD really surprised me. Well, ok, I’m a little late but hey, you’re never too late to discover a good thing! It was an extemporaneous feeling as well as thrilling to know that there is somebody out there exploring a different approach to being heavy in a Heavy Metal band. Their musicianship is spot on with execution and accuracy. The songs speak for themselves. They’re definitely not a cookie monster band or a full blown out orchestra, however, Operatika pitched in so many different elements to the music that they are their own band.

   No bones about it, songs like “Tears Of The Sun” and “Dark Horizon” not only takes you to a different place but punch you right in the face! Other tracks to check out are “No. 3/23 In A Minor”, “The Storm” and “Gladiator”. The combination of Yuri’s kick drumming and Bill’s guitar solos just brings a smile to my face and Slava’s vocals are mesmerizing and enigmatic too. Topping it all off with Anna’s elegant keyboard skills which are just dazzling but you also have legendary bassist Michael LePond from Symphony X laying down some serious bass lines!

   An amazing roster for this CD and just right for an impressive and robust performance. Operatika is a Swiss Army Knife with a whole lot of tools in their arsenal and they are far from being a one dimensional band or a one trick pony. I give “The Calling” 4.5 out of 5 stars. This is THE KIBTIZER signing off and until next time……. RAGE!!!



Lucas Joins Attacker!

Posted by karlsmetal on April 13, 2012 at 8:40 PM Comments comments (0)

   One of New Jersey's favorite vocal powerhouses, Bobby "Leather Lungs" Lucas (Morbid Sin, Seven Witches, Overlorde), has joined forces with local legend "Attacker"  Here's the official press release:



Attacker has been joined by Bobby "Leatherlungs" Lucas (Seven Witches, Overlorde, Morbid

Sin) as their new vocalist. Lucas is still currently in Overlorde, who are working towards a [new]

release of their own.


According to drummer Mike Sabatini, the band will focus on new material for their as of yet

untitled next album that they expect to release by years end. Adding "We are extremely

excited to have Bobby in the ranks bringing his talent to the table, we couldn't have asked for

a better addition to the band, GAME ON!".

" We've had a long but well needed break and are

looking forward to playing shows again." We do what we do for the love of it and for the fans

that do appreciate it and for no other reason than that. This stuff is in our blood!"

Bobby Lucas commented.

"I am very happy and excited to be a part of the amazing ATTACKER!

This is a band I have been a fan of since first hearing them on Metal Massacre 5 back in '86! I was

hoping the right gig would eventually come along...I have been out of the original scene far too long,

and here we are! It all seemed to fall into place. This band is right up my alley, classic TRUE POWER

METAL! Hailz to all the ATTACKER fans. See you soon!"


Attacker has also been confirmed for the METAL ASSAULT III FESTIVAL at

Posthalle in Wurzburg, Germany. The festival will take place at the end of January

2013, the exact date is to be announced soon.


Wurzburg just happens to be Bobby's place of birth, so this will be a very special show for him!


Attacker will also hit the airwaves and internet with 2 upcoming interviews.

On Sunday April 22nd at 6 PM, they will mix it up on "The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio


Hosted By Mike 'The Big Cheese'. With Your Co-Host Tommy Falanga. Listen in

live at;


And on Friday May 11th, a NY exclusive from 6 PM TO 10 PM











Finally! Burning Shadows!

Posted by karlsmetal on March 31, 2012 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (0)

   Finally, the wait is almost over! Maryland's "Burning Shadows", a band I can't say enough good things about, is releasing their new album "Gather, Darkness!" on June 2. You can pre-order on their website and get an immediate download of two tracks.


CAGE: Science of Annihilation

Posted by Kibitzer on December 8, 2011 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (1)

CAGE: Science of Annihilation

(Released on Music Buy Mail, 2009)

By The Kibitzer

Hey there Metal Warriors!!! The Kibitzer is bad again to catch up on some CD’s that I have missed during my hiatus from the Metal scene. This one came out of left field fro me as did the band when I saw them live for the first time at the “Iron and Steel Fest II” back on October 23, 2010. Let me introduce to you Sean Pen on vocals, Dave Garcia and Anthony Wayne McGiness on guitars, Mike Giordano on bass and Norm Leggio on drums and together they are CAGE!!! I have reviewed many Power Metal bands in the past but these guys bring it big time! They have been around since 1992 and through the years, they have garnered quite a cult following. Truthfully, the day that I saw them live was the day that I discovered them. Shame on me, I know, but to witness the great show that these guys put on plus the vibe that they emit is a great feeling! From the packaging to the music,”Science of Annihilation”, just flows Metal! This is just one out of the very few Metal CD’s that comes out these days where you can lay down on your bed with the liner notes, read and try to decipher the lyrics and just stare at the artwork in awe for hours! Not many Metal bands have that effect on me today as it did when I was a teenager growing up. I’m very happy that CAGE is keeping the scene and culture alive! The CD is not only a cornucopia of straightforward songs that are in your face, but like a flash fire in the forest, this CD will incinerate you to the core! Tracks like “Spirit of Vengeance”, “Planet Crusher”, “Power of a God”, “Stranger in Black” and “Die Glocke” (the mysterious Nazi experiment) are songs that just keep coming at you like a blitzkrieg! The thunderous vocals by provided by Sean Peck and the twin lead guitar solos by Dave Garcia and Anthony Wayne McGiness steal the show here! Now that’s what I’m talking about! With the Stalwart and noteworthy release of “Science of Annihilation”, this is their seminal masterpiece. A metallic opus all on it’s own that proves that U.S. Power Metal is just as big and bad as it was years ago! I really can’t help but scratch my head and say to myself, “I discovered these guys in 2010 and they’ve been around for 19 years?!! Where the hell have I been?!” Take my word for it. This is a great CD and if you’re a connoisseur of Power Metal, like me, then pick this CD up now! I highly recommend it! I give this CD 5 out of 5 stars! This is The Kibitzer reminding you to never sell your soul to the devil because all sales are final. Now let’s RAGE!!!


@XKIBTIZERX on Twitter

The Lost Art of Tape Trading

Posted by Kibitzer on December 7, 2011 at 10:15 AM Comments comments (0)


The Lost Art of Tape Trading

The Heavy Metal industry at one time bloomed and flourished with audio tape trading. For those of you that are now in your 30's, 40's & beyond, tape trading began when the young up and coming Metal acts were trying to spread the word on their music. Before the Internet, tape trading was the main platform from which many bands distributed their music and for some, have launched their careers and the genesis of a genre that was still in its infancy. Some bands made it big while others just never made it past their garage. It was exhilarating to discover brand new talent locally and within other parts of the country. That was also how you would come across the dichotomy within the genres of Metal. Even if you went to your local dive bar, you’d sometimes get free demo tapes from bands just as a free promo and that to me my friends was gold! As soon as your friend listens to the demo tape, then you’d make your friend a copy and then they would repeat the process. Then all of a sudden the demo tape recording would spread like wildfire! This method had some pros and cons to it but it even sparked numerous debates with not only the bands that were starting out, but it even trickled down to the bands that were making a living off of their music. Congress even got involved to lay down the law on the property and ownership of audio recordings! The same battle rages on with the illegal downloading of MP3's and file swapping. It’s the same concept as tape trading. Only the technology is different. However, tape trading was such a rush when you found that one band that nobody else has ever heard of and for that brief period of time, that band’s music was your soundtrack for the next month or so. Nonetheless, even if a band didn't make it big, you still had a piece of history in your hands! Hell, I still have demo tapes of some local New Jersey bands deep within my own music collection! The days of tape trading are long gone and in the books. Even CD’s are in danger of being extinct! Which may also hint the possibility of record stores becoming a thing of the past? I sure hope not! Truthfully, I miss those days but I'm still supporting the cause to serve the service and serve a purpose. ALL HAIL, KILL, AND RAGE!!!

- The Kibitzer 12/7/11  

@XKIBITZERX on Twitter

Whatever Happened To The Denim Jackets And Spikes?

Posted by Kibitzer on December 2, 2011 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Whatever Happened To The Denim Jackets And Spikes?

HAIL METAL WARRIORS!!! KILL AND RAGE!!! The Kibitzer here to talk about something near and dear to my heart and that's denim jackets and spikes! Some of you people are an 80’s kid like me and some of you are a little older coming from the Black Sabbath era of Metal from the late 70’s, however nothing says Metal like the denim jackets and the spike or studded gloves of Heavy Metal! Sure, that was apart of the culture and the typical regalia of our fashion many years ago. I still wear the motorcycle leather jacket myself however it’s been years since the last time I put on a denim jacket and I miss the days watching Metal fans walking down the street wearing them along with the patches sewn on them displaying the bands that they loved and listed to proudly. These are the little things that make me reminisce about my adolescence during a time when Metal was spread either by the MTV of old, tape trading or just by good old fashion “word of mouth”. That just all ties into fashion of Heavy Metal with denim jackets and spikes. Lead singers such as Bruce Dickinson, David Lee Roth, Dee Snyder, Dio, Doro, Lita Ford and Rob Halford have worn either one of the two items or both at one time. Metal fans everywhere here in the United States just raved about it and wore their denim and spikes proudly and yeah, I miss those days too. But taking a look at how Heavy Metal has had its ups and downs here in the states, Metal has gone back into the underground and so did the denim and spikes. Now, back to the question at hand. Whatever Happened To The Denim Jackets And Spikes? They’re not here any more. They’re out in Europe!!! Germany to be exact. The only genre of Metal still keeping this fashion alive is Power Metal. Not only do I still see not only Power Metal Bands wear the denim and the spikes, but the fans are still doing it too! All of that is redolent that the sub culture is still alive and well and making a comeback in its own little way. Stranger things have been known to happen with Heavy Metal and its genres and sub genres with the resurgence of certain styles of Metal. But the denim and the spikes haven’t exactly disappeared nor have they been banished or locked away in somebody’s closet. Yet, there is somebody else (Maybe your dad or mom! Ha!) out there that is still keeping the fashion alive. Hell, I still bust out my bullet belt from time to time! I just won’t wear it at the airport, lol! Anyway, the denim and spikes will never die as long as our brothers and sister in Germany are still rocking it! Well, until next time, RAGE!!!

- The Kibitzer 12/2/11


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