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Crucifixion BR: War Against Christian Souls

Posted by Kibitzer on November 12, 2011 at 4:35 PM

Hail all Metal Warriors!!! Been a while but The Kibitzer is back to review a new discovery of mine by the name of Crucifixion BR. Allow me to introduce Lord Grave aka Marcio Guterres (vocals and guitars), Bestial Blasphemy aka Matheus Souza (bass) and DarkMoon aka Juliana Novo (drums). The band’s formation took place in 1996 from Brazil bashing out their branded form of Black Metal. That being said, in 2002 they came out with two demos: “In The Shadows of the Obscurity” and “Diabolical Prophecies”. Today with a new EP, “War Against Christian Souls”, they plan to make huge leaps and bounds along with an all out assault on all who oppose them! Starting off the EP we have “Eternal Judgement”. Automatically, the blast beats (supplied by DarkMoon) fire off immediately and along with Lord Grave’s vocals and guitar attack are elaborate, impeccable and in time. I’m impressed right away with their craftsmanship and acumen of the band’s musicianship. Even though they are from Brazil, truthfully, I was looking for any signs or traces of early Overdose, Sepultura or Krisiun within their style. If there are traces of it, I would suspect very little here except for melodies within certain key shift changes. As Crucifixion BR is more Black Metal than Death, Grind or Thrash. However, I heard some of the Norwegian influences in “Eternal Judgement”. The rapid fire approach really caught my eye but bringing in some of the acoustic guitar here for some flavor really lighted it up some and that was enough for me to really like the first track. Up next is “Crucifixion”. It’s straightforward and has a bleak feel but again the groves and overall consistency of vocalization and musicianship caught my ear here. Bypassing the next track’s title is, “Destroying the F****** Disciples of Christ”, and focusing in more about the music and not the message in the title or the lyrics, musically, the track is scathing yet pops in the right amount of dexterity and fascination to still enthrall the listener leaving you to question yourself “Hey, they’re very good but what else can do they do besides Black Metal?” Easy, I can hear the subtle incorporation of classical guitar thrown into the mix but all of that is enveloped by the hammering and slashing of their art. Brazil isn’t well known for its Black Metal but these guys do a good job with their take on the art. Overall, I am also impressed by the production of the CD. With there only being three tracks on the EP, that’s more than enough for me to compile some of my thoughts and my own opinion on what they have here. The pros? A well delivered product as the production and layout was well thought out. The cons? Not a whole lot of bass as Bestial Blasphemy kinda got lost in the mix. I’d like to hear something else that sets them apart from the other Black Metal bands but personally, to the highest degree, they are definitely different from what I’ve heard coming out of Brazil in a very long time. I believe that they’re onto something really good here but I also believe that there is still room to improve and stay on top of things. Nonetheless, a very good and robust performance from Crucifixion BR. My verdict? 3 out of 5 stars. Look past the image and the message. Concentrate on the vibe. You can’t surf the waves if you can’t feel the water. Check these guys out!!! Until Next time, RAGE!!!TM – 11/12/11  

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