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Whatever Happened To The Denim Jackets And Spikes?

Posted by Kibitzer on December 2, 2011 at 4:35 PM

Whatever Happened To The Denim Jackets And Spikes?

HAIL METAL WARRIORS!!! KILL AND RAGE!!! The Kibitzer here to talk about something near and dear to my heart and that's denim jackets and spikes! Some of you people are an 80’s kid like me and some of you are a little older coming from the Black Sabbath era of Metal from the late 70’s, however nothing says Metal like the denim jackets and the spike or studded gloves of Heavy Metal! Sure, that was apart of the culture and the typical regalia of our fashion many years ago. I still wear the motorcycle leather jacket myself however it’s been years since the last time I put on a denim jacket and I miss the days watching Metal fans walking down the street wearing them along with the patches sewn on them displaying the bands that they loved and listed to proudly. These are the little things that make me reminisce about my adolescence during a time when Metal was spread either by the MTV of old, tape trading or just by good old fashion “word of mouth”. That just all ties into fashion of Heavy Metal with denim jackets and spikes. Lead singers such as Bruce Dickinson, David Lee Roth, Dee Snyder, Dio, Doro, Lita Ford and Rob Halford have worn either one of the two items or both at one time. Metal fans everywhere here in the United States just raved about it and wore their denim and spikes proudly and yeah, I miss those days too. But taking a look at how Heavy Metal has had its ups and downs here in the states, Metal has gone back into the underground and so did the denim and spikes. Now, back to the question at hand. Whatever Happened To The Denim Jackets And Spikes? They’re not here any more. They’re out in Europe!!! Germany to be exact. The only genre of Metal still keeping this fashion alive is Power Metal. Not only do I still see not only Power Metal Bands wear the denim and the spikes, but the fans are still doing it too! All of that is redolent that the sub culture is still alive and well and making a comeback in its own little way. Stranger things have been known to happen with Heavy Metal and its genres and sub genres with the resurgence of certain styles of Metal. But the denim and the spikes haven’t exactly disappeared nor have they been banished or locked away in somebody’s closet. Yet, there is somebody else (Maybe your dad or mom! Ha!) out there that is still keeping the fashion alive. Hell, I still bust out my bullet belt from time to time! I just won’t wear it at the airport, lol! Anyway, the denim and spikes will never die as long as our brothers and sister in Germany are still rocking it! Well, until next time, RAGE!!!

- The Kibitzer 12/2/11

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