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Zyphoyd (Three Days of War Demo, 2011)

Posted by Kibitzer on July 16, 2012 at 2:20 PM


(Three Days of War Demo, 2011)


             Hey there Metal Warriors! Hail and Kill! I was doing some promo work for on Facebook when all of a sudden, I got an email from one particular individual by the name of Kieran Larkey (Guitars, vocals and song writer). He asked me to check out his band when I had the chance and so I did. From the land down under, Melbourne, Australia, I want to give a shout out to Zyphoyd!! From what I read, Zyphoyd started out as an instrumental band around 2005. They produced a 5 song demo in 2008 called, “Prelude to The Storm”, written and composed by Kieran Larkey with Glen Sambrook on 2nd guitars and drums. The band’s music definitely caught my attention with a few nods to the thrash metal genre along with some Progressive and Neo Classical elements. While they are currently fine tuning their chops, I can tell you that Zyphoyd has a lot of promise here!


                Truthfully, it took a while for the vocals to grow on me, but with two or three more passes on the ReverbNation Player, I started to like it. The “Three Days of War” Demo has a decent production. The three song layout and break down of the songs are good. The lead guitar solos impress me too. Not too flashy but they fit very well within the songs too. This also brings me to my point that not too many new bands today use lead solos these days like the older bands did back in the day. The solos on “Three Days of War” are solid and flow with ease and I like that kind of playing. I especially like the dual lead guitar work on “The Five Elements”. Always great to hear that somebody is keeping that lost art alive too! I do have to say that the kick drums could use some work. I feel as if it was struggling to stay within the mix here. The vocals are good and they’re almost there, but Kieran just needs to watch his pitch just a little. Other than that, with a couple more tweaks, I think they’re on their way to a very promising future! I definitely want to hear more from these guys! I give this demo 3.25 out of 5 stars. Good work guys and cheers! Check these guys out and give them a spin! This is The Kibitzer signing off and until next time…… RAGE!!!

Track Listing

1. Three Days of War

2. Relentless Tyranny

3. The Five Elements


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