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Thou Shall Kill - 2011 Demo

Posted by Kibitzer on June 10, 2011 at 8:31 PM

   Hey all & Hail!!! The Kibitzer here and its time to get down to brass taxes! The new junk yard dog of the lot is called Thou Shall Kill. This 2011 demo is a full on assault that grants no mercy while running you through the meat grinder! With four piledriving tracks and a fist full of Metal, judging by what I hear, these guys are on their way to something good!


 The first track, "Human Jigsaw", brings forth the speed, the power and the blast beats that I expect from a Death Metal band. The lead solo in the end of the song definitely caught my attention. Its not technical or flashy shredding, but it wins some points from me. The next track is the band's moniker, "Thou Shall Kill". Straight forward with strong Death vocals that are in your face! Personally, maybe some variation in the vocals would be nice but that's just me and the song is what they are, pure brutal warriors! Heavy chugging guitars that gives the song the type of bite that it needs! Their guitar sound is a little rough to me and it could be cleaner in my opinion. Third track is called "Summoning the Absu". This track starts immediately after the second track fades to an end. To me, the song is good no doubt but it needs something else. Don't get me wrong, I like the track and it has moxy. However, for me, I think that adding a different element to the mix would keep it fresh. Last track, "The Eternal Battle/Grand Final", gives the demo a smooth landing. As the closer for the CD, it brings out all of the necessary elements to cast a spell on me.


  Overall, yes. I'm sold and yes, I like this band. A stalwart release with very good production quality straight out of the box and I'm very happy about that. Thou Shall Kill are more like brawlers though. Is that bad? No. Although I wouldn't call them neophytes either, yet they could use some more refinement in terms of adding more dimensions to their sound and technical skills. I'm a lead solo kind of guy. I would like to hear more of that with these guys.  I'm not asking for Yngwie Malmsteen or Eddie Van Halen, but it would be nice to hear some more shred from the shed. As they have already proved that they have the capability to do that (listen to first track), I also don't want to see them limit themselves within the confines of being a one dimensional Death Metal band.


    The 2011 Demo has a brawny yet lucid sound and it definitely promotes and supports the cause of Metal without a doubt. However, there is some rigidity that they can do without in regards to the contruction and layout of the songs. A little too simple? No. Maybe a little more flavor put into the mix, that's all. To be fair and to the point, I give this demo 3.25 out 5. Not a whole lot of material for me to judge on and I would like to hear some other characteristics that would set them apart from the other Death Metal bands. They're getting there and I like these guys and I want to hear more from them. Let's hear it for these guys! Pick up this demo! Because if you're a Death Metal fan like me, then this is one CD that you should check out. This is The Kibitzer signing out and reminding you to support your local and unsigned bands. Now let's RAGE!!! - The Kibitzer

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