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Who I Am

  That dude with the jacket with like 100 patches on it and the camera. Seen him?

  My name is Karl H. I live in southern New Jersey near Philadelphia. I was born in 1976. I have been listening to heavy metal since 1991.

   I have a particular interest in bands that are not "major" acts, like Metallica, Megadeth, etc. Around 2000, a friend introduced me to a local singer in a metal band. I started going to bar shows and micro-venues and I met other metal bands and musicians in the process. The experience at shows like these is quite different than going to see Metallica at the "Megaplex" Center. You get to meet the bands, interact with them, get autographs and photos with them. It's a much more personal experience.

    I've met a lot of great musicians and stand-up people who put their all into their music. And they're not doing it for the money. (Most of 'em are losing money) They're doing it for the love of the music.

    I created this website in response to the poor spectator turnout at an otherwise great concert. I want to do my part to help spread the word about these bands and concerts. My hope is that it will become a one stop shop for info on area festivals and performances.

                                                 Metal On! And I'll see you at the show!





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